Compositing refers to the art of bringing together elements from various sources to form a final picture that is convincing and breath taking. With our expertise in this department, we can create an impression to remember. You will come back to us every time there is a requirement.

“The creation of a perfectly composited image takes practice, knowledge and the skill to stop when it starts looking fake”

Most of the impressive print ads or web banners you see today are the result of image compositing. Shoot a picture of your car in the garage, give it us and end up with a shot of your car in the foothills of the Himalayas or Timbaktu. Similar to image retouching, composting is limitless. Anything is possible! Whatever reality lacks can be augmented through compositing.

If you are professional agency, there simply is no need to spend a great deal on location shoots. We can provide you a completed image at 1/4th the price. Image Composting involves a great deal of skill. Thorough knowledge of perspective, color, angle and many such elements is pivotal here. When everything is left to imagination, there’s more room for error. This is where experience and skill play a major role. Our compositors are ace at what they do.

If you work once with us, you will understand the pleasure of working with professionals who understand tools and customer requirements extensively. Get the best results, every single time.