How easy or difficult to remove color cast from your photos?

Photography speaks volumes about a particular object or a person. It is therefore necessary to have flawless pictures, so that the right message is conveyed. However, it is not possible to click the perfect shot each time. As a photographer you would understand that there might be some unwanted spots or shades on a picture that you cannot avoid while clicking.

Color cast is one such unwanted tint of a particular color that spoils the entire picture. Certain types lighting can cause a color cast. High-end digital cameras can detect and automatically correct the error. For example, changing white balance settings can help to tackle this problem to some extent. For a better output, Photoshop can be your best bet.

How to Remove Color Cast Using Photoshop?

Some photographs have a tinge of yellow or orange especially when they are taken indoors. This happens when the camera is not able to distinguish between white light and sunlight. You have an option of setting white balance, but for photographs that have already been clicked can be edited in Photoshop.

Following are the steps to remove color cast.

  1. Open your photo in Photoshop
  2. Go to Enhance – Adjust Color – Remove Color Cast
  3. Click the part of the image that should be changed
  4. Photoshop will correct the photo and make it natural

The above steps work well when you want to remove white, black or grey colors. If your photo does not have any of the three colors and you want to correct a new color altogether, you can do so by navigating to Enhance – Adjust Color – Adjust Color for Skin Tone. You can also experiment with the sliders and look what works best in your case.

Color Cast Removal Easy or Difficult?

The above steps make it clear that removing color cast from a photo can be very easy. However, if you have to remove a strong blue color from the background, you might have to follow some additional steps.

  • Go to Image – Adjustments – Match Color
  • Check the neutralize box and you are done!

In both cases, we didn’t have to follow a series of confusing steps. It is plain and simple to understand. However, each photograph differs from the other. It is the re-toucher’s duty to understand the fine-lines of photography and make the picture better.

Photo editing can do wonders to your photograph. Not only is the tool easy to learn, but working with Photoshop can be a rewarding experience. Plain looking photographs can turn into something extra ordinary that would not only be appealing but also glamorous to look at.

With online tutorials and videos, it is easy to learn the tricks of Photoshop. The best part is that these tutorials are available free of cost. So whether it is to remove color cast, change background, add shadows, add reflections or rectify an image, you can do everything with Photoshop. Playing with the tool opens up your learning options, and the more you learn the better will be your retouching skills.

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